This is a blog

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I used to have a blog. It was a mixture of tech articles — mostly about Linux, Open Source and privacy — and random ramblings. I wrote on different languages, depending on whom I thought could be interested on reading a particular article.

As many blogs, it eventually died of inactivity. I kept it around for many years in case some tech articles were still useful for somebody. At some point I considered that these articles were obsolete, so I got rid of it. I must have a backup somewhere for nostalgic reasons.

During the past few months I've started doing more contributions to open source projects than I did before. I like to think that I've also grown professionally, and there are some thoughts that I've considered sharing as they could be useful to others.

And then, I joined Mastodon, and found like-minded peers much easier than I did on Twitter — aka X — and re-discovered that personal blogs are way better than social media for some content and RSS is coming back!

So, here it is. A blog.

This image shows an old, vintage typewriter placed on a wooden surface. The typewriter is black and has round keys with characters printed on them. The brand “ROYAL” is visible at the top of the typewriter. It’s placed on a surface made of horizontal wooden planks, showcasing a rustic aesthetic. There are visible signs of wear and age on both the typewriter and the wooden surface, giving it an antique look.
Photo by Pixnio